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Throughout the 1960s Miss R.E. Scargill was headmistress. A tiny, refined lady she commanded respect from staff and pupils alike. Her office was both daunting and welcoming and in the colder months a blazing fire was in the grate.

In the 1960s only girls who had passed the 11+ and had selected the school on their 'choice of secondary school within Wolverhampton Borough form' were considered for entry.

Those who did apply were ranked according to their score on the 11+ test and only the top candidates were offered a place.

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1961 The Jubilee
1962 The School receives a new crest from the College of Heralds
1963 Link to a short film celebrating the opening of the new stage.
1966 Entry letter from Miss Scargill warning prospective parents of the dedication needed by Wolverhampton Girls' High School girls...
1968 A whole school photograph was taken in April 1968
1970 An American visitor's 'take' on WGHS in March 1970
  • Silence in the corridor! Talking detentions.
  • The neatness prize - the neatness monitress
  • Osmiroid pens, handwriting lessons - the ink monitress









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