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Articles by (or about) Members of Staff

Miss Angela Price (1982 - 2010)

Domestic Science Teacher - Head of Technology - Pastoral Leader for Year 7 (first years)

Retirement messages and final assembly script...

Dr. Philip Stanley

(2005 - 2013)

Chemistry teacher... and physics and biology too! A message to the Old Girls on his retirement
Eirlais Tomkins (1967 - 2008) Memories: End Of Year Assembly Address By Eirlas Tomkins, July 2008

Articles by (or about) Old Girls of the School

Hazel Jones (1937 - 1942) Archiving material for local historians
Eirlais Tomkins née Williams (1954 - 1961) Memories: End Of Year Assembly Address By Eirlas Tomkins, July 2008
Margaret Barr née Fowler (1956 - 1963) Producing Old Girls' Newsletters in the 1970s
Elizabeth Botsford (1977 - 1984) Advice on becoming a Lawyer
Sophie Flanigan (2002 - 2009) Sophie Flanigan follows her dreams...
Jessica Jones (2005 - 2012) Jess Jones talks about her burgeoning career in FMCG
Lauren Morgan (2007 - 2012) Lauren talks about her career in entertainment and her brush with hurricanes in the Carribean,


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