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End of term at WGHS was quite a magical time. It was full of fun and frolics.... but on the stoke of noon everything would be put away so that the final religious assembly could be sober and respectful. I doubt it would have been possible at any other school!

Your aural senses were probably the first to be stimulated by the promise of Christmas at WGHS. In the days before the old gym was transformed into a performing arts area you could hear rehersals for Punch and Carols and singing lessons coming from the hall as you walked through the corridors. In the weeks after autumn half term strains of carols and christmas songs lifted your mood as you walked through the corridors to change lessons. I loved that! Made me feel all Christmassy! I missed it when we had the performing arts suite... we rarely heard music from the main hall anymore. Visually the school was really made to look 'Christmassy' in December. Not only were there visual stimulations to your senses but also olifactory ones. You could smell festive foods being made by domestic science classes and the school kitchens. A true WGHS Christmas sensation feast...

Christmas Post

Decorating Formrooms

Decorating the Main Hall

Decorating the Entrance Hall

Decorating the Dining Hall

Punch and Carols

The Carol Service

Last Day of the Autumn Term



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