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Wolverhampton Girls' High School prepares girls for academic success and it is not unusual for Old Girls to collect qualifications with relish after leaving school.

The Honours Boards within the school hall and main corridor display the names of those who informed the school of their being awarded a University degree, but many degree details are not displayed on the walls because not all Old Girls remember to inform the school of their success.

In 2011 the tradition of recording degrees on the Honours Boards ceased. It was felt by Mrs. Lawton, the Headteacher at that time, and by the governing body of the school, that it was an expense that could be avoided, especially as the gentleman who had painstakingly painted the names on the boards for many years had retired and the school was running out of space for displaying the boards. It was felt that the centenial year was a suitable time to stop the practice.

When Trudi Young (on Old Girl of the school herself) became Headteacher in 2012 she was unaware that the tradition had been stopped. The OGU pointed this out to her and she immediately began the process of having the boards reinstated. This is taking several years to do. But to date they have still not been put up.

The most recent Honours Board in school has details of graduations in 2011.....

  • Cyber-Honours Boards

In the meantime the WGHSOGU began making 'Cyber-Honours Boards'. These have proved popular. The JPEG graphic can easily kept in the memory of a mobile phone or iPad. This allows the graduate to share her success with friends and relatives, and also see the achievements of her classmates.

If you wish to have your degree details added to the boards please fill in the online form.

We may contact you to verify that you are an old girl if you are not know to us personally.

  • Please click on the graphic below to see the cyber-board of your choice.
  • If you then 'right-click' on the full sized image you can download a copy for yourself.

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