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This is where you can make an announcement about a life event. In the Newsletter we called this 'hatched, matched and dispatched'. But now we have a cyber-existance we can extend the announcements to include anniversary celebrations, you getting a new job, you travelling the world and gaining (even more) qualifications.

To put a picture on the site you need to e-mail it to me - together with a caption. The caption should include your years at WGHS, your house and your maiden name (if applicable). I will then sort these into year group sections when we have enough to make that necessary.

I have made a contact form for you to submit announcements. Click here to open it.

In the 'old days' a marriage or birth was simply a line in the letter, but with today's technology we can include a photo and a paragraph of text. Most of you happily distribute these on social networks, but the advantage of the site will be that you can see how those you did not keep in contact with are getting on....

The other thing that you can announce on here is your degree result. In the OGU Newsletter we put in details of the degree results that are sent to the school. On here we can do a similar thing but include a photo of the happy day too.

On a sadder note, announcements can be made of the passing of an old girl (or teacher). Obituaries can be written by friends and family and put up for the community to read.



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