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Hello! My name is Sophie Flanigan. I left WGHS in 2009. At A level I studied Psychology (grade B), P.E (grade C), R.S (grade B)and General Studies (grade D). Since Leaving WGHS I attended college to complete levels 3 and 4 of counselling skills studies and two universities to complete a degree course (I changed univerisities part of the way through). I gained 2:1 BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Counselling in 2015 and I am currently, at the age of 26, halfway through a mental health nursing degree.

Although I am a mature student I would not have changed my options at school or university for the world!

Those who taught me reinforced my idea that I should follow my heart and pursue my goals and I am finally here (give or take a couple of 'blips').

I am so proud of the school I attended, the friends I made and the person I have become.

If this school taught me anything, it was that I can be whoever and whatever I choose to be. Xx

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