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Best wishes to you all!

I have no particular plans for my retirement, I just intend to relax and have a rest to begin with.

I intend to join the Women's Institute as I have always said I would do, as it really interests me, and I hope to buy a piano and resume playing the instrument now that I have more time. I shall continue to walk my dog over the hills of Worcestershire, and as for the rest… wait and see!

Angela Price (July 2010)

The end of the summer term 2010 saw the retirement of a member of staff who had devoted almost half of her life and so much of herself to the school and its students – Miss Angela Price.

Having taken up her first post at the school in September 1982, this meant that she had completed 28 years of dedicated service. Her retirement, therefore, is well-earned and well-deserved.

She transmitted her enthusiasm for and enjoyment of Food Technology to all of her students and supported them to achieve some outstanding examination results in the subject. However, it was in her role as Pastoral Leader for Year 7 that most students will remember her. Her kindness and her gentle support and encouragement have helped so many to settle into the school and to adapt to our particular ethos and work ethic.

Mrs. Julie Lawton (Headmistress in 2010)

Final Assembly from Miss Angela PRICE (July 2010)

I plan this morning to share my thoughts about the school with you. It is not original but I've taken each letter of Wolverhampton Girls' High School as a mnemonic to describe how I feel:

Well – it's a Wonderful building – almost 100 years old in parts and extremely well equipped with new buildings adding to its persona and functionality.

The school provides huge Opportunities for everyone – both students and staff – to develop and demonstrate their abilities and strengths.

It's a Loyal school: last week two year nine girls showed an ex-pupil (now in her 30s) around school. They shared common experiences and talked about how WGHS used to be and how it had changed. Past pupils often show a great affection for the school and enjoy coming in to see it again.

We know have a Virtual learning environment – FROG – within which we can exchange e-mail messages and access the school network system from home. Teachers can set and retrieve work from students; parents can find out information and staff can write reports and keep records.

The school site is a fantastic Environment to learn in! Just think of the avenue of lime trees that makes up the main drive, the sunken garden, the ornamental garden, the biology pond, the hockey pitches, tennis courts, picnic tables and at least eight air-raid shelters - not to mention the spiky iron fence to keep the girls apart from the St. Peters boys! Think of the beautiful large trees we have in the grounds, the squirrels, ducks, frogs and birds. Not many schools have grounds such as these – we are lucky!

Teachers at WGHS Respect the girls' opinions – how often have you had opportunities to give your comments? We have a school council, year councils and class councils. We have a food council and a SNAG (school nutrition action group). Girls are respectful of teachers – yes, you groan and moan – but you do work hard and take great pride in what you do!

It is a Happy place – welcoming, cheery and encouraging. You've come here to learn and we're here to teach you.

There's purpose here! Look at what we Achieve! Read the honours boards, think about your own exam successes. Read the newspaper reports each year as they talk about this nationally acclaimed top girls' high school.

We're a school of Music – if you don't play an instrument or sing you are in the minority. Think of the House music competitions, how music plays a part in so many school activities – from speech day to new Y6 parents' evenings, Punch and Carols and drama presentations. I went to listen to Evensong sung by our choir at St. Peter's Church last October. I've been Christmas shopping in Merry Hill and found our Jazz Band entertaining the shoppers.

What matters in this school is People – that's what this school is!

Time -I've been working here for 28 years. How amazing is that? That is longer – at least twice as long as most of you have lived. Only WGHS could make a teacher stay for that amount of time!

I organised the school celebration of Ninety years – almost ten years ago – we all went to the Black Country Museum on a sunny day in September 2001.

You Girls are what matters most. We as staff work hard, we make you work hard – to achieve your potential. Things often get in the way – clouding the priorities – planning, government initiatives etc. but you are the ones that really matter and it is a privilege to teach you.

This is an Inclusive school. You have to be bright to get here but we are a great mix!! When we visit you at your junior and middle schools we travel great distances. You live in all sorts of areas, towns, counties… We are a mix of races, colours and creeds but we all belong to this school.

Generally speaking you're Reliable. You can be trusted to get things done.

The school is full of Laughter. We have a lot of fun together – Christmas end of term, parties, before school in the dining hall every day and just at rec and lunchtime – just being together is fun and so the laughter that can be heard!

… and we NEVER close in the Snow!

It's an Honour to belong to this community. We are privileged to inherit and continue the traditions of this school. House competitions, Britannia, 'recreation'… to name but a few.

We're an Intelligent and Gifted group – I'll say no more! I shall miss the Hymns. It's good to sing and to thank God for what we have.

This school is full of Surprises! It might be an unexpected success, one of you saying thank you as you leave a lesson, or not so good – finding you should have been somewhere and it's YOUR fault for not checking before hand!

We Care! We care for one another – staff and students – we are there for one another. We raise a lot of money for charities – we are ready to help others – it is part of our ethos.

We Hope for success. We plan well and spend money wisely and we're looking for a new future with the Building Schools for the Future plans.

It's Obvious we're pretty well the best. The number of Y6s who tell me that having looked around at other school WGHS was the obvious choice. They just knew it – obvious!

Often we moan – we complain about what's difficult and the things expected of us – and the lack of time to do it all. But that's WGHS! We're special – we don't achieve all that we do without this superb effort. There's no time for slackers here! We have the work ethic – no mistake!

…and finally there's Love. Not the romantic kind – but the sort that makes things work – especially when things are difficult. The sort that forgives the wrongs, the sort that makes us cry when we leave. It's what makes us get together – makes us special – what WGHS is – Let us pray

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