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This list is far from complete... and I would love you to share the names of Staff who taught you in the 1960s.

I started this page because I received photographs of a 1960s staff reunion at the end of the summer of 2017. Click here to see the photos!

Headmistress: Miss R.E. Scargill

Mathematics: Mr. Hurn, Mrs. Hurn, Miss Kuphal, Mr Pope, Mr Worthington, Mrs Burgess, Miss Cox (later Mrs Dart)

Physics: Mrs Spurgin, Mrs Thomas

Chemistry: Miss Close, Miss Whyton (later Mrs Thomas)

Biology: Miss Starkey, Miss Oakes (Later Mrs Challenor)

English: Miss Reidy, Miss Fox, Mrs Holland, Mrs Biggs

French: Madame Taylor

German: Miss Bantock

Russian: Mrs. Uspensky

Italian: Mrs. Worthington

Latin: Miss Scargill, Miss Wiggley

Geography: Miss Wooley, Miss Saunders

Scripture : Miss Worton, Mr Spratling

History: Miss Round. Mrs Lamb

Art: Mrs. Galloway, Mrs Stanyer, Mr Lloyd

Music: Miss Rees (later Mrs Langford), Mrs Tomkins

Domestic Science: Miss Parsons

P.E. : Miss Hargreaves, Miss Hallam

Handwriting: Miss Bantock

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