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Mrs. Sylvia Stanyer, nee Webb Fowler, was much loved and respected by her family and by many who came to know her. Throughout her life, she demonstrated a determination to live as a Christian and particularly as a Quaker. Her resolution of conflicts, care and attention to detail always left a state of peace and agreement.

Sylvia was teaching at WGHS when she married Neville Stanyer in 1958; she left to have their two daughters, Christine and Jenni, then returned to School some years later and stayed until she retired.

In addition to her teaching, she painted backcloths for numerous musicals, was in the staff Chorus of Police in "Pirates" and was Ferrers' House Mistress. She was also the model for the "Britannia" statue, which her husband made, initially as a junior trophy, but which became the whole- school award after St. George was broken. Outside of School, Sylvia was very involved in The Woodlands Quaker Home for the Elderly, the Embroiderers' Guild and Wolverhampton Quaker Meeting. She remained a committee member of the Friends' Association until her death and will be greatly missed by many.


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