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My mother was not happy with the idea that I needed two pairs of school shoes when I joined in 1966. The expense of the uniform itself was bad enough without having to fork out for two pairs of shoes!

Under the pegs in the cloakroom were cages to house the shoes. Entrance to the school was restricted to be only via the cloakrooms and you had to change out of your (possibly damp and muddy) outdoor shoes before you stepped out into the corridor. At rec you had to change shoes too, and at lunchtme - this made sure that the corridor and classroom floors were kept as clean as possible throughout the day and that they were never dangerously wet and slippery.

This photo has no date - it looks as if it predates the new cloakrooms built in the early 1960s - or perhaps was the sixth form cloakroom near to the gym, but the summer dress and those velour hats on the pegs lookso familiar to me....

Does anyone recognise the girls in the photo?

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