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The last day of term was always a half day.

No lessons - it was the time for cleaning the form room.

On the penultimate day you would have taken books home and packed your bag with polish and a dusterto help in the big clean-up.... you also would have been asked to bring in a reading book - you needed to have something to do if you finished your cleaning jobs early!

You would:

  • polish your own desk

and then as part of the form you would:

  • help tidy teachers'cupboards
  • help dust the top of cupboads
  • help polish cupboard doors;
  • help dust window ledges
  • ensure flower vases were emptied so we did not return to dying flowers and the smell of stagnant water
  • clean the board thoroughly
  • polish the teacher's desk
  • sweep the floor
  • empty the litter bin

The form-room would smell of lavender and beeswax - in fact the whole school did!

The neatness monitress would check all of the desks and if everything was okay you would then be allowed to chat quietly or read - depending on your form mistress' wishes.

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