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Anne Oakes took a Chemistry degree, but came to WGHS as Head of Biology in 1970; she remained at School until we became a Grant Maintained School in 1990, when she chose to remain with the local authority.

During her years at school, her innovations included the installation of a greenhouse and a continuous flow of livestock, which varied from guinea pigs, gerbils and a rabbit named Humphrey, to stick insects, salamanders (also in their axolotl form) and incubators full of quail eggs.

The Biology lab was a lively place to visit at any time and an interesting room for non-scientists to take cover- lessons!

Shortly before she left WGHS, she went to live in the heights of Shropshire, near Stiperstones, with her second husband, Trevor Jones. Her interest in crafts blossomed and she ran craft workshops from home. Towards the end of her life, she became involved with Shropshire Tourism.

She died suddenly of cancer, after a short illness, just after her 65th Birthday in July 2009.


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