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This site has been set up for Old Girls of the school to celebrate and remember their times at school and to find out what 'Old Girls' are up to.

Old Girls' Union events, reunions and changes to the school can be submitted for consideration of being posted on this site - in fact anything relating to the school and/or its past pupils is welcome. The success of our facebook page led me to develop this site so that standard, static information can be easily accessed by 'Old Girls'. Facebook is by far the best way of passing on immediate information, but for browsing trivia and events relating to school when you feel a bit nostalgic, a website is the best mechanism.

It is hoped that this site will develop into a showcase for past pupils to share information such as births and marriages, academic success, business ventures, globe trotting, charity events etc. as well as memories of schooldays and schoolfriends.

I will expand the drop-down menu to encompass whatever develops. I would ask that any information you pass on about third parties is 'okayed' with them before you put it in an article and that you do not disclose personal information in any article you submit. It would be fine to put in the address of your facebook page or that of a blog you write, but no private e-mail addresses please.

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Disclaimer: The information given on this website is believed to be accurate. However the webmistress is human, and mistakes can be made... just let me know if you spot one. Accuracy of information in articles that have been submitted for publication are the reponsibilty of the author, they are reproduced in good faith. The opinions expressed in them are those of the individuals concerned and do not in any way represent policies of the school or OGU.