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This site has been set up to inform members of the Old Girls' Union and other past pupils of the school of events relating to the school and to help them remember days gone by....

Details of how to join the Old Girls Union and articles can be accessed via the heading bar.

Please explore what is on there.

The success of an informal Facebook page I set up to contact Old Girls led me to develop this site so that standard, static information can be accessed easily. The response from hundreds of Old Girls from many decades of the school served as a life blood for the official OGU, many signing up for life membership.

Concern by the OGU Committee as to the informality of the Page led to it being labelled unofficial and the Old Girls logo was removed from it in February 2024. The Old Girls will have access to a more secure official discussion board that is currently being set up - watch this space for details of how to join it.

Membership of the OGU

There are currently:

186 'lifers' who paid a 'one off' membership fee of £35,

9 who pay £3 per year by standing order and

17 who just send a cheque by 'snail mail' each year or give their payment in cash to Eirlais at the Supper.

So, there are just over 200 'official fully paid up' members!

In addition to this there were just under 1,500 girls who had not 'signed up' yet, but joined a Facebook community to reminisce about the old school days and discuss current affairs with their counterparts.

Old Girls actively in touch with the OGU are from several decades.

Facebook is easily the best way of passing on immediate information, but for browsing trivia and events relating to the school's past when you feel a bit nostalgic, a website is the best mechanism.

Please submit any articles, photos or memories you would like to have displayed within the site.

I would ask that any information you pass on about third parties is 'okayed' with them before you put it in an article; and that you do not disclose personal information in any article you submit.

It would be fine to put in the address of your facebook page, or that of a blog you write, within an article but no private e-mail addresses please.

Kind Regards

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Disclaimer: The information given on this website is believed to be accurate. However the webmistress is human, and mistakes can be made... just let me know if you spot one. Accuracy of information in articles that have been submitted for publication are the responsibility of the author, they are reproduced in good faith. The opinions expressed in them are those of the individuals concerned and do not in any way represent policies of the school or OGU.