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In 1959 the Sunshine Fund paid for me to have a holiday – in Devon, near Buckfastleigh.

This was a big adventure: I had never been so far from home before and I was on my own. I can still relive the excitement of that train journey along the beautiful Devon coast (destroyed in the last winter's floods).

I stayed at a Childrens' Home, but, as I was 17 years old, my role was to 'help'. This was so successful that I was invited back, board-free, the Sunshine Fund still paying my fare. I later spent more holidays there, continuing to go while I was at University.

It was a wonderful experience, with benefits far beyond the initial holiday. I met people, staff and children, from backgrounds very different from my own, and I lived in a completely rural environment. It was an important part of my growing up. I don't think I've ever said 'Thank you' properly. I enclose a few photographs, (apologies for poor quality). I know I have more – I can picture them but not find them right now. When I do, I'll copy them and share them with you.

Thank you Sunshine Fund!


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