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Patrick Royston taught Latin, Classics and French at the Girls' High for a very long time - 33 years! He had a great love of the school and was always willing to give his time to help his pupils.

He was a gentle soul, knowledgable, interested in a wide range of subjects an having an amazing memory for names, dates and past occurances. He loved to tell anecdotal tales of his time at the school and I spent many an hour listening to his tales.

I had no idea he was suffering with depression and had done for years - dating back to his time as an undergraduate at Oxford University. Sometimes stressed and frazzled (most teachers are!) but mainly calm and supportive, he seemed a happy soul.

It was therefore a great shock to me when he took his own life, by hanging himself in December 2012. He is greatly missed.

  • Click on the photo to suffer the staff singing heartily! Patrick always sang with gusto - as did many of us!
  • Click here to see tributes by his pupils.


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