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Jackie died in June 2012 after a prolonged illness. She was aged 54. She had been Secretary of the OGU for a number of years.

She led a very full and active life. After leaving school she started working for the Civil Service, but after spending a long time there, she decided that she had had enough and left to become an Accountant. Although she could have easily made this a permanent career she decided, after a while, that it wasn't for her so she joined the Local Authority where she remained until she had to retire.

She loved going on holidays and visited many places including the Caribbean, Florida and Dubai to name but a few. She also enjoyed boating holidays and a few years ago had bought a share in a canal barge which she used with her friends. Jackie had lots of friends and was rarely to be found at home as she would be out having meals, going to the theatre or perhaps taking in the latest movie releases at the cinema. She also had developed a great passion for Bridge and in addition to playing three or four times a week would often go on Bridge weekends.

During the last few years when she became ill and had to finish work, she still maintained a busy social life and showed as little signs as possible of the pain and discomfort she was suffering. In fact, she had even booked a cruise holiday about four weeks before she passed away, as she was determined that her illness would not defeat her. Sadly she was unable to go as things got too bad. Jackie will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her.

David Slyde.

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