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Mrs. Margaret Campbell, a pupil during the 1920s and Ferrers House Captain, died in April 2012, shortly before her 99th Birthday. She had always kept in close contact with School and was the oldest "Old Girl" present at the Centenary Reunion in July 2011. Margaret was Chairman of the Old Girls' Union for many years and Vice-Chairman of the Friends' Association.

Margaret was a very kind and loyal friend for very many years. She was good at persuading one to join her in becoming a member of the W.G.H.S. O.G.U. - also the league of friends of the Royal Hospital - the League of Health and Beauty and many other activities in which she was interested - and they were many! I probably would not have become a member of the friends of W.G.H.S. if it wasn't for Margaret - and I certainly would not have become a Committee Member of anything - but she persuaded me.

I miss popping in to see her for a cup of tea or coffee - and I miss Margaret very much, my very dear friend.

Margaret Vaughan

I came to Wolverhampton as a young G.P. in 1949 and used to meet Margaret at all our local medical "Do's". She always participated in Medical Benevolent Fund Raising Events - mainly dances held at the Victoria Hotel in town - and the Annual Cricket Club matches between Consultants and Housemen at Patshull Park which was then the Rehabilitation Centre for Orthopaedic cases. She was involved with the League of Hospital friends and used to push trolleys round the ward for patients to buy their little needs.

My next recollections are of Margaret coming round to the house we had acquired on Compton Road in 1955 to collect our Conservative Party Subscriptions on a regular basis. She was a tireless worker for the party all her life and an active member of all Committees to do with women and the Conservative Party and I am the possessor of a Jane Henman's tennis sweat shirt that she won as the result of the efforts at selling raffle tickets! She remained the President of Park Ward Conservatives until her death. We used to spend hours together at Compton Hospice stuffing envelopes for the various appeals. She was a volunteer at the Cedars in the office until she fell and broke her hip there. When I moved home in 1998 and suffered from a slipped disc it was Margaret and her faithful son Neil who helped my daughter Pamela (also ex-High School) empty the house.

Margaret was a faithful worshipper and helper at St. Michael and All Angels' Church. It was there that she fell whilst cleaning brasses, and broke her arm and sustaining horrific bruises as well with her many other falls. It was at a Church Meeting one evening in Tettenhall Library that she fell and broke her hip which proved to be the beginning of the end for dear Margaret.

She has been a true and loyal friend for all these years and I miss her sorely.

Ruth Young (friend of W.G.H.S.)

Margaret must have been in her mid-seventies when I first met her at St. Michael's Church Tettenhall and over the years I developed a great fondness and respect for this indomitable woman - for as she moved into her 80's and 90's her commitment and faithful service to that Church fellowship never faltered for a moment.

She had a tremendous sense of duty I believe and was always on hand to perform hers scrupulously and without fuss. On Sundays or mid-week services she would be acting as a sides person - giving out hymn books etc. - or making tea and coffee as required after the service. She was responsible for organising the Church cleaning rota - working alongside her teams of ladies on Wednesday mornings with dusters and polish. Even in her mid-nineties she was still doing that - and having to be scolded for persistently purloining other people's brooms if they so much as dared to put them aside for a moment - she would carry on sweeping where they had left off. In my mind's eye I can see her now stooping down to check on supplies of dusters and polish - she always ensured that the box was kept well filled. PCC meetings, A.G.M.'s - Margaret was an unfailing presence.

Easter morning vigils - by candlelight in the darkened Easter Garden behind Church Cottage (at 6a.m.) - Margaret would be there! Ammerdown 'Retreats'! Yes - there was Margaret! She loved being involved - everything mattered to her. She was keenly interested and concerned that all things should go well and be carried out correctly - efficiently. And I know this deep concern extended into a much wider circle of activity than just the Church. On her last Sunday in Church - the day before that final calamitous fall which triggered her decline - she was on 'Tea Duty' and she insisted on helping as usual. She must have been then about 96 years of age. What an example to us all!

Eleanor Carter - Old Girl W.G.H.S.

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