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Pat died December 2007 aged 72. She was multi-talented and, to me, seemed to sail through her studies effortlessly. She particularly enjoyed English Literature, (she read avidly throughout her life), and was a wonderful comedy actress. One friend, a theatre buff, describes her Mrs. Malaprop in a Dramatic Society production, as the finest rendering of the role that he has ever seen! But her special interest was art and she was exceptionally gifted. I remember a large painting of an angel that she did before Christmas 1952, which was so forceful, dramatic and vibrant that I have never forgotten it.

After WGHS Pat studied sculpture before marrying David in 1956. She was a keen gardener and was instrumental in helping her husband set up their, now renowned, rose-breeding business in 1969. She continued her sculpting and each year she produced a statue for their stand at the Chelsea Flower Show. Pat received many public and private commissions for her work. One statue stands outside Albrighton Medical Centre.

Her son, Tim, says that despite all of the calls on her time from other quarters she was incredibly supportive to her husband and her family and always put them before her sculpting and other interests. Pat had an expansive personality. She had a sharp wit and a wonderful sense of humour. She was a great talker and, perhaps more importantly, a great listener. She knew so many people and was always friendly, lacking self-importance and treating everyone the same.

by Pam Hillman

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